I am an amateur photographer who has devoted much time during the past few years to photographing wildlife.  While growing up in the Bronx, NY I had few chances to interact with nature, yet have fond memories of catching frogs and salamanders during summer camps and boy scout expeditions.  As an adult I began to hone my camera skills by taking photos of family and travel destinations but, looking back, limitations of the medium of film kept my interest at a level that lacked creativity and motivation.

The collision of digital photography with my discovery of a local heron rookery in Richmond, VA provided an opportunity for merging previous interests in nature and photography, and initiated a journey that continues to this day.  Now I can keep the frogs and salamanders, and even a few lions and giraffes, instead of leaving them at camp.  The additional good fortune of making close friends in the hobby has brought opportunities to travel to exotic destinations that are rich in wildlife subjects, and to develop the skills and perseverance required to photograph animals in more local venues.

I hope that you will enjoy this collection of my favorite images, and I thank those of you that have provided the inspiration and friendship that helped to open the doors of this wonderful hobby. 


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